Does my purchase include Postage and Packaging?

No your Purchase does include P&P please see the shipping and T & C's section

Are the prints and art work copyright of the artist?

Yes all prints and art work are copyright of the photographer and artist in question.

Are the images original works? 

Yes all the images and prints are created by the artists and photographers as creative pieces.

Are the Photographic Prints available for framing?

Yes all photographic Prints are available for framing. The price is subject to size of the prints and what frames you prefer so emailing for a quote and further information is best.   

Will I have my order before a bank holiday in the UK?

Yes if you order 7 days before a bank holiday you should have your order. Please note we take no responsibility for the late arrival from the delivery provider.

*All Prints and Art work that is available are of the highest quality